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When is it Time to Call a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

No one ever wants to make that first call to a lawyer of any kind, and calling the Bankruptcy lawyer is probably the worst of all. Be assured that when you speak to me, I bring with me over twenty years of experience in dealing with the stresses that are caused by financial difficulty.

So, here are some guidelines on when to call for legal advice:

1) You are using your credit cards to buy everyday purchases, such as food and gas and you don’t pay them off every month.

2) You have already spent any savings or taken a pension loan to pay creditors and you have still have a problem with collection activity.

3) You are behind on your credit payments are receiving harassing phone calls or are being sued.

I can help you through these tough times. The initial consultation in my office is always with out charge.

Please call today at 732-228-7400.

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