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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney


Don’t struggle with debt; get immediate relief through the Chapter 7 bankruptcy law. With Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all your unsecured debt can be discharged within 4 to 5 months of your petition filing.

MaryBeth Schroeder, a bankruptcy attorney with over 30 years experience,  can assess whether you qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and guide you through the entire process.

The law can provide immediate relief by ending:

  • Foreclosures

  • IRS levies

  • Evictions

  • Lawsuits

  • Credit card debt

  • Wage garnishment

  • All types of consumer debt including medical bills, bank overdrafts, and tax debts

Almost all creditors suing or harassing you must stop their collection efforts once you file the bankruptcy case. Your assets will come under the control of a trustee, to administer your case. They can sell off your assets to collect money for unsecured creditors. This is subject to lien interests and exemptions. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney will work hard to let you file a petition without having your assets sold by a trustee.

With our comprehensive experience in the bankruptcy court, we will work with you closely to understand which of your debts can be discharged using Chapter 7. By getting rid of unproductive debt, you can again start your financial journey anew.

How We Deliver Results for Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Experience: Ms. Schroeder brings with her experience of more than three decades, providing legal representation to small businesses and individuals under the United States Bankruptcy Code. Recover your financial wellbeing by entrusting your case to a truly specialized bankruptcy lawyer.

Individual Attention: Your lawyer will work with you personally to know about intricate details of your case. We believe that transparency is the quickest way through the bankruptcy system.

Local Knowledge: The Law Office of Marybeth Schroeder has deep roots Toms River, NJ and practices throughout Monmouth County and Ocean County. Since 1989, Ms. Schroeder has been representing individual consumer debtors and small businesses in the area, helping them in every aspect of the bankruptcy cases.

If you are considering chapter 7 bankruptcy and are ready to get out of debt, schedule an appointment with Ms. Schroeder today!

Let an Expert Handle Your Complex Situations

Your financial problems might call for matters to be settled through litigation, mediation, or arbitration. Regardless of your specific situation, I have the experience and resources for your help.


I have the perspective to effectively evaluate a distressed situation and the risks involved. I will help you navigate complex laws; typical for bankruptcy cases, such as foreclosures, Section 363 sales, UCC sales, and liquidations.  

Get a New Lease of Life by Filing for Bankruptcy.
There are Multiple Benefits of Doing so.

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